# Advanced usage


By default, cells are identified using a SimpleCellAddress which consists of a sheet ID, column ID, and row ID, like this: { sheet: 0, col: 0, row: 0 }

Alternatively, you can work with the A1 notation known from spreadsheets like Excel or Google Sheets. The API provides the helper function simpleCellAddressFromString which you can use to retrieve the SimpleCellAddress .

The following example shows how to use formulas to find out which of the two Teams (A or B) is the winning one. You will do that by comparing the average scores of players in each team.

The initial steps are the same as in the basic example. First, import HyperFormula and choose the configuration options:

import { HyperFormula } from 'hyperformula';

const options = {
    licenseKey: 'gpl-v3'

This time you will use the buildFromEmpty static method to initialize the engine:

// initiate the engine with no data
const hfInstance = HyperFormula.buildEmpty(options);

Now, let's prepare some data. The first column will be players' IDs and the second column will be their scores. Then, you will define the formulas responsible for calculating the average scores.

// first column represents players' IDs
// second column represents players' scores
const playersA = [
    ['1', '2'],
    ['2', '3'],
    ['3', '5'],
    ['4', '7'],
    ['5', '13'],
    ['6', '17']

const playersB = [
    ['7', '19'],
    ['8', '31'],
    ['9', '61'],
    ['10', '89'],
    ['11', '107'],
    ['12', '127']

// in cell A1 a formula checks which team is the winning one
// in cells A2 and A3 formulas calculate the average score of players
const formulas = [

Now prepare sheets and insert the data into them:

// add 'TeamA' sheet
const sheetNameA = hfInstance.addSheet('TeamA');
// get the new sheet ID for further API calls
const sheetIdA = hfInstance.getSheetId(sheetNameA);
// insert playersA content into targeted 'TeamA' sheet
hfInstance.setSheetContent(sheetIdA, playersA);

// add 'TeamB' sheet
const sheetNameB = hfInstance.addSheet('TeamB');
// get the new sheet ID for further API calls
const sheetIdB = hfInstance.getSheetId(sheetNameB);
// insert playersB content into targeted 'TeamB' sheet
hfInstance.setSheetContent(sheetIdB, playersB);

// check the content in the console output

After setting everything up, you can add formulas:

// add a sheet named 'Formulas'
const sheetNameC = hfInstance.addSheet('Formulas');
// get the new sheet ID for further API calls
const sheetIdC = hfInstance.getSheetId(sheetNameC);
// add formulas to that sheet
hfInstance.setSheetContent(sheetIdC, formulas);

Almost done! Now, you can use the getSheetValues method to get all values including the calculated ones. Alternatively, you can use getCellValueto get the value from a specific cell.

// get all sheet values 
const sheetValues = hfInstance.getSheetValues(sheetIdC);

// get the simple cell address of 'A1' from that sheet
const simpleCellAddress = hfInstance.simpleCellAddressFromString('A1', sheetIdC);

// check the winning team 🎉
const winningTeam = hfInstance.getCellValue(simpleCellAddress);

// print the result to the console

# Demo