# Types of errors

HyperFormula returns an error when a formula cannot be processed properly. To make it easier for a user, each kind of error has its specific error value. For instance, HyperFormula displays the #DIV/0! error when a user tries to divide a number by zero, or #NAME! when the called function is not registered in the reference of functions.

Depending on the reason for the problem, you will see the error's associated message as listed in the table below. An error can contain an additional message property. Errors are localized according to the language settings.

Value Type Description
#DIV/0! Division by zero It occurs when a formula tries to divide by zero.
#N/A The value is not available It indicates that the value you are looking for is not available for the formula. Most typically this error is thrown by the LOOKUP -type functions.
#NAME? Invalid name It means that HyperFormula can't recognize the name of the formula or values used in a formula.
#NUM! Invalid number This error arises when your formula contains an invalid number.
#REF! Invalid reference It occurs when a formula contains an invalid reference. It is one of the most common errors users encounter when working with spreadsheets.
#VALUE! Wrong type of argument It occurs when a formula tries to improperly use different types of data. For example, you will see this error when you will try to add a string to a number.
#CYCLE! Circular reference It occurs when a formula refers to its own cell, both directly and indirectly.
#ERROR! An error occurred It indicates that there is an unknown error in a formula.
#LIC! Invalid license key It occurs when the license key is invalid, expired, or missing.