# Supported browsers

Each release of HyperFormula is tested on the two latest versions of every modern browser, on both mobile and desktop. In addition to running unit tests, we focus on two factors that are crucial for all users: performance and accuracy of calculations.

# List of supported browsers

Desktop Browsers Mobile Browsers
Chrome Chrome
Firefox Firefox for Android
Safari Firefox for iOS
Edge Safari iOS
UC Browser UC Browser *
QQ browser Opera
Samsung Internet

# Full ICU support

Browsers that do not support full-icu (e.g., UC Browser mobile) will not handle the comparison of accented strings properly. In these browsers, string comparison might give different results than in browsers that fully support the feature.

Concerning full-icu, Node.js 13 or higher is required to handle string comparison properly. This can also be achieved with lower versions, like Node.js 10, but it requires the installation of the full-icu additional dependency.