# Internationalization features

Configure HyperFormula to match the languages and regions of your users.


# Function names and errors

Each of HyperFormula's built-in functions and errors is available in 17 languages.

You can easily switch between languages (language).

When adding a custom function, you can define the function's name in every language that you support.

To support more languages, add a custom language pack.

# Date and time formats

To match a region's calendar conventions, you can set multiple date formats (dateFormats) and time formats (timeFormats).

By default, HyperFormula uses the European date and time formats. You can easily change them.

You can also add custom ways of handling dates and times.

# Number format

To match a region's number format, configure HyperFormula's decimal separator (decimalSeparator) and thousands separator (thousandSeparator).

By default, HyperFormula uses the European number format (1000000.00):

decimalSeparator: '.', // set by default
thousandSeparator: '', // set by default

To use the US number format (1,000,000.00), set:

decimalSeparator: '.', // set by default
thousandSeparator: ',',


In HyperFormula, both decimalSeparator and thousandSeparator must be different from functionArgSeparator. In some cases it might cause compatibility issues with other spreadsheets, e.g., Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

# Currency symbol

To match your users' currency, you can configure multiple currency symbols (currencySymbol).

The default currency symbol is $. To add USD as an alternative, set:

currencySymbol: ['$', 'USD'],

# String comparison rules

To make sure that language-sensitive strings are compared in line with your users' language (e.g., Préservation vs. Preservation), set HyperFormula's string comparison rules (localeLang).

The value of localeLang is processed by Intl.Collator (opens new window), a JavaScript standard object.

The default setting is:

localeLang: 'en', // set by default

To set the en-US string comparison rules, set:

localeLang: 'en-US',

To further customize string comparison rules, use these options:

# Compatibility with other spreadsheet software

For information on compatibility with locale-dependent syntax in other spreadsheet software, see:

# en-US configuration

This configuration aligns HyperFormula with the en-US locale. Due to the configuration of separators, it might not be fully compatible with formulas coming from other spreadsheet software.

language: 'enUS',
dateFormats: ['MM/DD/YYYY', 'MM/DD/YY', 'YYYY/MM/DD'],
timeFormats: ['hh:mm', 'hh:mm:ss.sss'], // set by default
decimalSeparator: '.', // set by default
thousandSeparator: ',',
functionArgSeparator: ';', // might cause incompatibility with other spreadsheets
currencySymbol: ['$', 'USD'],
localeLang: 'en-US',

# en-US demo

This demo shows HyperFormula configured for the en-US locale.