# Undo-redo

HyperFormula supports undo-redo for CRUD and move operations. By default, you can undo 20 actions. The undoLimit can be changed inside the configuration options so you can adapt that number to your needs. Be careful when setting undoLimit to large numbers. It may result in performance issues.

Undo and redo work together as a synced pair, so each time you undo some action it is put onto a redo stack.

Named expressions behave just like any other CRUD operation.

# isThereSomething* methods

There are two methods which can be used to check the actual state of the undo-redo stack:isThereSomethingToUndo and isThereSomethingToRedo.

# Batch operations

When you batch several operations remember that undo-redo will recognize them as a single cumulative operation.

# Demo