# Licensing

To make HyperFormula a better fit for different types of projects, the source code is available under different licenses.

# Available licenses

HyperFormula is available under the following licenses:

Name Type
GPLv3 license (opens new window) Open source
Commercial license Proprietary

# Non-commercial and open-source use

To use HyperFormula in a non-commercial or open-source project, use the GNU General Public License v3.0 (opens new window) (GPLv3).

To learn how to use the GPLv3 license, see the License key page.

# Commercial use

To use HyperFormula in a commercial project, you need to purchase a commercial license.

Contact our Sales Team:

# Entering a license key

To use HyperFormula, you need to specify which license type you use, by entering a license key.

To find out how to enter a license key, see the License key page.